Equestrian Jewellery

(Code: HG333BR)
£ 870.00
A Steeplechaser brooch in white and yellow goldInspired by the great racehorse, One Man, this brooch is 3-dimensional but hollowed out at the back.
(Code: HG000165BR)
£ 745.00
Cantering mare and foal broochThis beautifully crafted cantering mare and foal brooch makes a stunning accessory to any outfit. Produced in 9ct gold.
(Code: HG000433RI)
£ 539.00
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Crossover double horsehead ring with diamond and sapphiresA dazzling double horsehead ring, embellished with precious stones, set in 9ct gold.
(Code: HG001304PE)
£ 650.00
Dressage Horsehead Pendant with SapphiresThis horse head pendant is solid and 3-dimensional, and comes complete with an 18 inch (45.8cm) chain.
(Code: HG000453BC)
£ 1,250.00
Eggbutt snaffle braceletThis elegant 9ct gold bracelet adds style and complements any outfit.
(Code: HG001201RI)
£ 379.00
Horsehead and tail ring with sapphiresA sophisticated horsehead and tail ring, wonderfully styled in 9ct gold, with lustrous sapphires.
(Code: HG489EA)
£ 340.00
Horsehead earrings with sapphiresAn appealing pair of horsehead earrings produced in 9ct gold, complemented with sapphires.
(Code: HG1051BR)
£ 495.00
Horsehead in horseshoe brooch in yellow and white gold with sapphires. This beautiful horse head brooch (US pin) is cast in yellow and white gold with a sapphire set in the eye.
(Code: HG1307NE)
£ 1,570.00
Horseheads in heart necklet with sapphires and diamondsEach of these beautiful horse heads are set with sapphires, and are given a satin finish with polished highlights.
(Code: HG001037EA)
£ 240.00
Horseshoe and buckle earringsAn ornate pair of horseshoe and buckle earrings produced in 9ct gold.
(Code: HG1056BA)
£ 1,040.00
Horseshoe bangle in white and yellow goldAn elaborate bangle with lucky horseshoe finished in dramatic white and yellow gold.
(Code: HG364RI)
£ 239.00
Large horsehead bridle ring with sapphireExquisite horsehead with bridle in 9ct gold finished with a sparkling sapphire.
(Code: HG293BR)
£ 645.00
Large horseheads in heart brooch/pendant with sapphiresAn alluring design of two horseheads in a heart with lustrous sapphires make this brooch/pendant a unique gift for that special someone.
(Code: HG060BR)
£ 550.00
Photo Finish - Horseheads brooch with sapphires in rose, white and yellow goldA perfect finishing touch for your day or evening wear. By Harriet Glen
(Code: HG001003PE)
£ 560.00
Racehorse and jockey pendant and chainThis stunning horse pendant is 9ct solid gold and 3-dimensional, and comes complete with an 18 inch (45.8cm) chain.
(Code: HG348BC)
£ 1,395.00
Racehorse braceletGive her a string of racehorses.....and these horses don't have training bills!
(Code: HG387CU)
£ 660.00
Racehorse cufflinksThese 9ct gold horses have a shiny finish and are fitted with hinged T-bar links. The legs are designed so they they will not catch on the sleeve.
(Code: HG1035PE)
£ 435.00
Small horsehead pendant and chain with sapphiresThis horse head pendant is solid and 3-dimensional, and comes complete with an 18 inch (45.8cm) chain.
(Code: HG228RI)
£ 229.00
Stirrup ringThis 9ct gold ring design features a stirrup and leather.
(Code: HG365BR)
£ 540.00
Whip brooch in white and yellow goldThis stunning stockpin or brooch (US pin) is cast in 9ct yellow and white gold.