Petula Beetle and Justice

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Petula Beetle and Justice
By Susan Crawford. Image size 27'' x 18'' (69 x 46 cms).

This painting depicts Petula, Beetle and Justice, three polo ponies from Kerry Packerís stud farm in Australia. Kerry Packer was an Australian businessman whose interests included media, property and petrochemicals. One of his passions was polo and he was a keen player. He invested millions of dollars in the sport, bought many polo ponies and built a pitch on his estate in New South Wales. Although polo ponies are not recognized as a distinct breed, they are truly unique horses that combine the traits of a number of breeds. Next to a player's skills, the polo pony is the most important factor in polo. More often, the pony is the single greatest determinant of the outcome of a match. It requires turn of speed as seen in the agility of Quarter horses as well the intelligence of Arabian horses. Since 1930 some of the best polo ponies have been produced in Argentina. The Argentines cross thoroughbred horses with their local Criollo horses.
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