Shankly's Red Army

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Shankly's Red ArmyA Limited Edition fine art print by Peter Deighan. From the early seventies right through to the eighties British, indeed, European football was, arguably, dominated by Liverpool Football Club. In these superb works of art, in conjunction with the Club, supreme portrait artist, Peter Deighan has captured the stars and their managers that helped keep the Club at the forefront of the game.

In the first, 'Shanks' is accompanied by the starts of the sixties and seventies, Yeats, St John, Hunt, Smith, Heighway, Keegan, Hughes etc. etc. Published in a limited edition of 500, each print has been personally signed and numbered by the Artist and Steve Heighway. Size: 483 x 400mm. Please note, our price is for the unframed, limited edition print.